about we.

At the early age of ten years yet Martin was influenced by many songs of artists like John Foxx, Ceramic Hello,..., playing on heavy rotation on his brother's turntable. He was really amazed and even confused by all those strange sounding tones and bubbling effects within the songs asking himself what the difference makes to all the music he had been listening so far. During the following years Martin developed a strong interest in the machines producing those strange noises. One day he decided to purchase some vintage synths and started to record a few songs with an old 4-track-recording machine. A name for this project was found quickly: just me. (influenced by a Gary Numan song).

In the year 1997 Martin exchanged demo tapes with Daniel who also had some experience in making strange musical experiments. Some first-take-recording-sessions followed and both of them had really much fun in making music together. Therefore a new project was born: m.e. turned into we., as it was no solo project anymore. By-and-by the typical we. sound was created: rather minimal songs produced with minimal equipment and minimal effort. Many recording sessions also brought out a few songs that didn't quite fit into the we. concept. So what to do? Well, that's simple. A second project emerged: File Not Found.

But back to we.: By the help of Werner B., one of Martin's friends, the minimal music label Genetic Music became aware of some we. songs. The Genetics were really taken with most of the songs and so the first we. album (the only we. release till now) has been released on Genetic Music in 2000, named (of course) we. This album was limited to only 300 copies and quickly became an insider tip in the minimal scene. And it was also quickly sold out.

Asking yourself how to describe the typical we. sound... well, that's quite easy: that's how it sounds like when you mainly use vintage synths like the Roland Jupiter 4, the ARP Odyssey, the Korg MS 20 and, of course, the Roland CR-78 rythmbox. But, as an exception, there's also place for some modern equipment and synths sometimes. It depends on the particular song. However the we. project attaches importance to a production without MIDI and all the modern stuff like that as possible.

Currently the second we. album 'Departure' is released on Genetic Music.


2006 CD Departure

2000 CD we.